Administrative Evaluation of the Academic Dean of the College of Liberal Arts

Thank you for providing feedback for the evaluation of the Academic Dean’s office. Your responses will be kept confidential by the Rector’s office. The questions below seek to elicit your evaluation of areas contained in the Academic Dean’s job description, and are intended to aid in the continual process of improvement across the seminary. A space for additional comment is provided at the end.

The Academic Dean..
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
1. maintains good rapport with the administration.
2. exhibits professionalism when dealing with the administration.
3. provides effective, positive, and constructive leadership.
4. fulfills his responsibility to adequately inform the appropriate administrators regarding the needs and developments in the academic programs.
5. fulfills his responsibility to act a a liasion between the seminarians and the semnary administration and faculty in academic matters.
6. fulfills his responsibility to provide an annual evaluation of the faculty and staff that he supervises.
7. fulfills his responsibility to participate in the meeting of the President’s Council.
8. fulfills his supervisory role regarding the academic programs in the School of Theology.
9. manages the academic programs in the College of Liberal Arts with efficiency and professionalism.
10. fulfills his responsibility to ensure the integrity of the academic programs.
11. fulfills his responsibility to assess the academic programs in the College of Liberal Arts.
12. fulfills his responsibility to propose improvements and modifiations to the academic programs of the School of Theology.
13. fulfills his responsibility to supervise the implementation of the curricula in the College of Liberal Arts.
14. fulfills his responsibility to participate in all meetings of the committees and bodies to which he is assigned.