Supervisor Evaluation of Seminarian Summer Assignment

General Information

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Professional Maturity

AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionally (inconsistently)RarelyNeverInsufficient Evidence
Protects confidentiality
Completes tasks
Can work under pressure
Is calm in unexpected situations
Manages time wisely
Prepares adequately for each task
Finds and uses appropriate resources
Maintains appropriate personal appearance in professional life

Working with Others

AlwaysFrequentlyOccasionally (inconsistently)RarelyNeverInsufficient Evidence
Helps others to participate during meetings (by encouraging them to speak, etc.)
Helps groups to achieve their goal (by offering ideas, asking for information, etc.)
Can lead by facilitating group meetings
Maintains appropriate and respectful relationships with clergy, pastoral/office staff, and laity

Areas of Formation

During the pastoral assignment, the following areas of formation should be experienced before priesthood ordination. Indicate which areas have been successfully achieved by the seminarian either by way of experience or orientation.
Liturgical Formation
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Sacramental Formation
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Pastoral Formation
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Administrative Formation
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General Observations

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